Garage Door Slamming Shut? Here Are Some of the Possible Reasons

There is nothing more terrifying than seeing your garage door slamming shut while you are inside the garage or just recently passed the entrance. If this has been happening constantly without any obvious reasons that you can see from the outside, the best thing you can do is to contact a garage door specialist.

There is a variety of reasons why your garage door slams shut and these issues could not be fixed on their own or by someone who doesn’t have the proper knowledge and equipment.

Broken or Loose Springs

For garage doors to be raised and lowered carefully, they rely on a set of extension springs which take the majority of the door’s weight. These springs also prevent the garage door from crashing down to the floor.

With constant daily use, these strings are also subject to wear and tear that could eventually cause them to loosen up. Most garage door springs last up to 20000 rounds of closing and opening so the more frequently you use your garage door, the shorter the lifespan of the springs that hold it.

Among the telltale signs of broken and loose springs are the gaps between the coils or the door isn’t fully levelled. But among the most obvious signs is the slamming shut of the garage door.

Loose Opener Chains

Frequent opening and closing of the garage door can also affect or deteriorate the condition of its opener chains. As it loosens due to frequent use, the tension put on the door also decreases and creates more slack which results in the abrupt closing or slamming shut of the garage door.

Out of Shape Tracks

The tracks are where the rollers are attached to run your garage door down and up. When this part is damaged, the rollers could be forced out of them causing the door to come down quickly and slam shut.

To fix the problem, these tracks need to be straightened out and aligned properly so the rollers can be inserted back – a task that requires proper knowledge and experience.

Garage Door Professionals

Slamming garage doors can be a nuisance and a danger at the same time. A detailed inspection and repair done by professionals are required to ensure a proper fix and your safety.

Get in touch with our team today if your garage door is slamming shut or if you are experiencing other problems.

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