Accidentally Backed Into Your Garage Door?

Backing into the garage door is one of the common accidents that happen at home. Especially when we are in a hurry to leave the house and we didn’t notice that the garage door is still opening when we reversed the car.  If this happens to you (but hopefully it won’t), you might get into a panic mode without any idea what to do next. Depending on the situation and the damage incurred, there are things you can do to handle the situation smartly and safely. Check out the steps below to handle the situation efficiently and prevent things from getting worse. 
  1. Ensure the safety of everyone 
The very first thing to do if you accidentally back your car to the garage door is to check on yourself and your passengers for injuries. Accidents, no matter how minor they are, may cause injuries, especially to children. So first and foremost, check on your passengers to see if they are hurt. Before exiting your car, you also should remember to park it properly first and turn off the engine. 
  1. Check out the damage 
After getting out of your car, proceed to check your car and the garage door for any signs of damage. If you are still inside when you hit the garage door, move your car forward to check for dents. But if you hit the door from the outside, you should avoid entering the garage through the garage door to save yourself from the possibility of the door slamming shut. Access your garage from inside your home or through the side door, if possible. 
  1. Manually operate your garage door 
Opening and operating the garage door using a remote after an accident is a dangerous move as it can cause more damage to the door if it is forced to open while there is a problem in its system. So you should never attempt to do it.  If the garage door is no longer aligned with the rails, do not try to open it because it might slam shut and cause further irreparable damage. What you should do is check if it is possible to manually open the garage door so you could see the damages or dents. You can do this by disconnecting the garage door opener and moving the door physically into a different place. 
  1. List down the damages 
Before calling repair technicians, you should list down all the damages you have noticed in the garage door as it can help them picture out the problem and provide an estimate even before they arrive. If you find out that it is impossible to manually operate the door, you should never attempt to use it. You need to promptly call a repair technician instead.  
  1. Call a repair technician 
Even if it is still operable, it would be a smart move to call a repair company for a professional and detailed assessment of your garage door. They are the ones who can confirm if a repair or replacement is necessary and how soon it needs to be done. Do not attempt to repair the garage door on your own as it will only cause further damage and injury. 
  1. Determine the next course of action 
After assessing your garage door’s situation, repair technicians can now present you with various solutions that you might want to take on. If a complete door replacement or structural repairs are needed, you may consider making a claim with your homeowners for the repair cost coverage. You may also want to call your auto insurance company depending on the severity of the damage.