The UK’s best composite doors

Born in 2004, Solidor has firmly established itself as the nation’s favourite manufacturer and supplier of composite doors. A1 Garage Doors (UK) Ltd are approved an approved stockist & installer. The extensive Solidor range of composite doors are widely admired for their stunning design, and unparalleled security. No other composite door even comes close to competing with Solidor in terms of sophistication and performance.

  • 23 colours inside & out
  • Unique 48mm solid core
  • Exclusive door furniture
  • The most secure locking system
  • Chamfered or sculptured frames
  • PAS24: 2016 Certified
  • Ultion Cylinder fitted as Standard
  • Exceeds Building Regulations for Thermal efficiency

It’s reassuring to know that our composite doors are arguably the most secure on the market, featuring insurance and Police approved locking systems. Britain’s most secure composite door has just got even better thanks to Ultion, a revolutionary locking system that when locked, stays locked!

When it detects attack, a hidden lock within the Ultion automatically engages, so that even when snapped twice nothing gets past it. Leaving a key on the inside of the lock won’t affect its performance either. Rigorously tested, nothing beats the Ultion, not even the finest 3 star locks, making it the UK’s best and most secure lock guaranteed.

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  • Ultion offers double snap resistance
  • When attacked the Ultion instantly goes into ‘Lockdown Mode’
  • Stays snap secure even with a key in the inside of the lock
  • The tapped pins are randomly placed to ramp up the skills, tools and time required to pick
  • Ultion protects against Lock Drilling


Protect what you love with Residor composite doors. Every journey starts when you close the front door to your home. From the everyday trips, to work or the supermarket, to those life changing adventures like a summer holiday or the first day of school. It’s important to know that no matter what life throws at you, your home is safe and sound.

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  • The most secure locking system
  • Over 250 colours to choose from
  • Ultion cylinder fitted as standard
  • More than twice as thick as the majority of GRP doors on the market.

Your security is our biggest priority. Our doors are the most secure GRP composites on the market, with 3.6mm outer skins and a £1000 Ultion break-in guarantee. With Residor, you can be assured that your home is secure.