Tips to Make Your Garage Door Burglar-Proof 

Securing your garage door is one of the best ways to prevent burglars from breaking inside your home. With the use of high-quality garage door security, you can achieve a burglar-proof home. But when we say high-quality garage security, this involves the quality of the garage door itself along with other factors such as the alarms and motion sensors. So how can you upgrade your garage door to make it free from burglars and other ill-intentioned people? Check out these practical tips below. Choose a high-quality and secured garage door The security your garage door can provide relies greatly on the quality and material of the door itself. This is why it is essential to choose the product wisely. Among the most reliable materials are steel and aluminum which are known for their strength and resiliency. The quality of your garage door lock is also very important. Remote-controlled locking systems are mostly recommended as they can provide properties with a higher level of security when compared to other lock types. Install motion sensor lighting By setting up a motion sensor lighting outside your home, you can scare off burglars because you are removing their cover of darkness. Your outdoor area will automatically be filled with light as soon as the sensor detects movements. There is a wide variety of motion sensors to choose from. What is important is to check your options and choose the most suitable type for your property. Set up an alarm system Setting up an alarm system at every entry point is another step to making your home burglar-free. If the motion sensor lighting fails to detect intruders, the alarm can be more effective in detecting them. With the large selection of alarm systems available in the market, the one that allows you to monitor and send alerts through your phone makes the best choice. Install garage shield A garage shield is a small device that encloses the garage’s opening device. With this shield installed in your garage door, burglars will not be able to access the emergency release cord no matter how they try to reach for it. This will prevent them from opening and entering your home through the garage door. Don’t forget your front door While it is extremely important to secure your garage door against possible intruders, you should also keep your front door’s security in mind. Regularly check the quality, strength, and resilience of your front door and make sure that the locks are effective.  Get help from the experts To ensure the quality of your doors, make sure to ask for help only from the experts. At A1 Garage Doors, we provide high-quality and super secure garage doors to help property owners in securing their hard-earned possessions. Contact us today to learn more on how you can benefit from having secured garage doors by speaking with our experts. 

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